About AECRM — Help me Keep My Promise!

I chose my initials, AECRM, as the name of my new LLC, in preparation for a massive project on the horizon. As I move toward the launch date, I would ask a few things of my friends and readers. Help me to keep a promise I made nearly twenty years ago by helping me to build my readership.  Please:

  1. keep me in your prayers
  2. leave your comments and feedback
  3. share my posts on Facebook

I am Ann E. C. R. Miko, and my husband Ron and I moved to Tucson, AZ in 2012. I am an Ohio girl — born and raised — who lived in South Carolina for 24 years. Both places have friends and memories dear to my heart. My husband was brought to Tucson when he was five years old. Back in those days, this sprawling city boasted just 35,000 residents and many of our six lane city streets were dirt roads.

My parents — a lawyer and a teacher — were best friends, passionately in love, and married just shy of 53 years. The old family home has been sold, and my three older brothers and I are now the oldest generation in our family. The younger generation, in their thirties or just hitting forty, are busy with careers and some of them have children and stepchildren.  Life has changed — but life is good.

Please loiter and explore these blog pages. Then tell me what you think of what you read — both posts you enjoy and those you don’t. Go one step further and share my blog posts on your Facebook page and invite your friends to read my words and leave feedback. Those will be great blessings for me–and if I am to keep my promise–they will be needed!

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