About the Author

My name is Ann E. C. R.  Miko, and my husband and I moved to Tucson, Arizona in February of 2012.  Living in the Sonoran Desert was a very new experience for me.  My husband was an old hand at it.  His parents had brought him to Tucson before I was born when the town boasted about 35,000 residents, the rivers ran, and lakes were more abundant.

I was raised to ask questions. I grew up in a loving family with my parents (married 53 years) and three older brothers.  My life has been accented with debate, theology, worship, politics, art, laughter, history, liturgy, craftsmanship, literature, family meals, walks, bike riding, root beer, doggerel, travel, music, sewing, genealogy, cats, woodworking, unusual hobbies and tens of thousands of books. My life has not been spared trials, sin, hurt, failure, sorrow and loss.  However, there is much for which to be grateful.   I have some remarkable friends and am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, and cousin — for which I give special thanks.  On this blog, I write about helpful things I’ve read and questions about things that matter to me.  I hope that you may find what I’ve written to provoke your thoughts.

I love that you have found my blog and I would love to hear from you!   Please get in touch with me using the contact form below, or by e-mailing me at aecrm@yahoo.com, or  responding to a particular blog post by using the comment section following each post.