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Welcome to When the River Won’t Flow — I hope you come back often and follow my blog!  Feel free to share it and to comment on what you read here.

This blog was started in 2014 after we had moved to the Sonoran Desert of Arizona and I  thought I was missing water.  Living in the desert was new to me:  I had grown up in the midwest and had lived much of my adult life in South Carolina.  Everything in those places was green and water was plentiful.  This desert stuff was new.

But it turned out that I wasn’t missing water — or at least not in the usual sense.  What I was missing was a church home where my husband and I could be fed on the words of scripture and the body and blood of our Lord.  Try as I might I was unable to solve this problem.  Finally, prayers were answered and a church found us.

I am reminded of Psalm 42.1

As a deer longs for flowing streams, so my soul longs for you, O God.

I wrote about it as my very first blog post which you can find here: